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Four Week Fatigue Rescue: Frequently Asked Questions

You often talk about the importance of avoiding ‘one size fits all’ approaches - so how does this fit with that?


Great question! I do indeed firmly believe that everyone needs to tailor their rescue plan to their own life and their own personal experience of extreme fatigue. However, from helping scores of people get their lives back on track, I’ve seen time and time again that there are a few fundamental basics that help most people, if not all.


I’ve built my Life Rescue framework around these basic elements - and I always suggest that anyone new to my help starts there. And I’ve taken this experience and turned it into advice that I can now share in an interactive course setting. I guide participants through how to take the information they're hearing and turn it into their personal rescue plan.


OK, so how do I tailor it to my life without your help?


You’ll still have my help! Although the course-based setting means that I can’t get into quite as much 121 detail with each participant, I will be guiding and advising you all as to how to take my advice and expertise and identify how to make it work for you. I’ll provide exclusive notes, worksheets and templates, and will be on hand every day in our private Facebook group to offer help and support. And don’t forget you’ll also be inspired/guided by hearing how your fellow participants have tailored their plans.


So is this approach a ‘next best thing’ to your 121 coaching?


In a way, yes! You still get much of the same information, and work through the levels of my Life Rescue framework. But in a much more affordable way. And the private Facebook group is exclusive to you! I don’t run anything like that anywhere else. Finally, the weekly live Q&A session allows you to pop in and ask for my specific help around anything you’re not sure about or need a bit more clarity around. And for those who would rather work through things in their own time, you can look at it as a distanced learning course that you get to ask questions at!


What if I can’t make all of the three Webinar sessions?


Each webinar will be recorded and details then shared in the private Facebook group, so that you can catch up on what you missed. The only thing you’ll miss out on that way, is the ability to ask questions and join in the group discussion as it happens. But remember you’ll have the Facebook group to discuss anything within, and the weekly live Q&A session with me. If these dates don't suit, pop me an email and I'll add your name to the waiting list and let you know when the next set of dates have been set.


What is the difference between the primary and secondary themes each week??


Each week we’ll have a primary theme that will be talked about in the weekly webinar. These are linked to the key stages of my Life Rescue framework and I’ll provide clear information around each at the start of the webinars, followed by the chance for live discussion.


The secondary themes will be introduced by me via short videos and supporting posts in our Facebook group - they might also feature in the Webinar discussions, but not as the primary discussion topic. And, of course, you will be welcome to ask any questions about them during my weekly live Q&A broadcast.


You can find out the weekly primary and secondary themes and session dates here.


I can’t make any of the dates for the live webinars - is it worth attending?


Absolutely! Many previous participants have been located overseas and the timings of the webinars just wasn't convenient for them. You can watch the recordings afterwards, and work your way through the weekly course unit materials in the same way as everyone else. If you have a question you'd like me to discuss on one of the calls, you can send it to me beforehand and I'll discuss it live for you to watch afterwards on the recording.


If you like the idea of attending the sessions as they happen it could be that it would be better for you to add your name to the waiting list for the next group intake. I aim to keep up with demand, and will add new Group packages as required. To be added to the waiting list, either follow the prompts on the event booking page, or email me at


Is this course aimed more at those who are newly diagnosed with a fatigue-related condition?


Not necessarily! If you’ve been struggling to find a way to cope with your extreme fatigue, I’m optimistic that my Four Week Life Rescue package could really help you find a way to manage things better. I’ve helped scores of people in a variety of different stages of their journey, and have many examples of my Life Rescue framework helping people who had been struggling for years. Click here to read a case study to bring this to life a bit more.


I haven’t got a Facebook account - can I still join this interactive course?


A large part of the value you’ll get from this group package will be provided within the private Facebook group. Without accessing that, you’ll only be able to attend the three weekly webinars and Q&A sessions. Although there is still huge value in that, you’d be missing out on the additional support and benefits of the secondary themes and the ability to ask me/your fellow participants for views and support.


I understand that not everyone wishes to have a Facebook profile, however I can walk you through how to create one especially to be able to attend this Group package, and then how to disable/delete your profile once you’ve completed it. I can also show you how to ensure your profile is kept hidden so that nobody in the wider Facebook world can see you or find you.

What about after the Four Weeks? Am I on my own after that?

If you'd like ongoing support after the Four Weeks, you have the option to join my exclusive 'Fatigue Rescue Encouragement Group'. This small and intimate support group is only available to those who have worked with me in 121 sessions, or participated in this Four Week programme.

For £10 a month you get daily accountability prompts and lots of support and encouragement, as well as access to free events - recent events have included live Q&A's with Raelan Agle and Liz Carlson (, as well as Sound Therapy sessions and chats with an expert nutritional therapist.
You can stay for as little or long as you find 
helpful, and it's completely optional.



If you have a question that hasn’t been answered here, please get in touch and ask me directly -

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