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Fatigue Reset:  

Crack pacing once and for all!

When you’re struggling to cope with fatigue, the thought of getting to a stage where you’re coping even a little better can feel so elusive.

The key to moving from feeling that your life has been robbed, to getting back on your feet and learning to cope, is a successful Pacing strategy.

Pacing is simple in theory but can be challenging to get right. This course guides you through my unique and successful pacing method, which will allow you to stabilise your fatigue symptoms & start to feel hopeful for the future.

Comprising five simple modules containing bitesized tutorials, you can work through it at a pace that works for you. If you digest just 20 minutes of content a day, you'll be starting to pace in less than a week. Or you can take your time and work through the content over several weeks.

Pacing can unlock a life that feels easier and more predictable - I'd love to help you find that again

For information, this course differs from my Four Week Fatigue Rescue course as it only focuses on Pacing. The Four Week Course also includes other helpful topics such as sleep, nutrition, movement, mindset management and how to calm your nervous system.

This Course is for:


Individuals who have heard how important Pacing is, but haven't got a clue how to get started!

Those who have been tackling fatigue for a while, and have been trying to Pace but just aren't sure if they're getting it right

Anyone who wants to improve how they're managing their fatigue, and get some control back over their symptoms. This course isn't targeted to a specific health condition, although those tackling ME/CFS, Fibromyalgia, Long Covid, and post-operative recovery have found it particularly helpful.

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