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Communicating with others when you've got fatigue

How to deal with those tricky conversations!

Wednesday 4th October at 4pm UK | 11am Eastern | 8am Pacific

Webinar price: £10

Fatigue journeys vary from person to person - no two experiences are the same. But there's one challenging topic that seems to feature in most people's journeys at one time or another... communication! 

There are many reasons why conversations with others can be challenging when you've got fatigue - the key one being that fatigue challenges seem to be very difficult to understand (or even believe) if you haven't been through one yourself.  And this really doesn't help when it comes to interacting with others - whether that be your loved ones, colleagues, or those you've only just met.

I've helped countless people figure out how to communicate with those around them, in ways that don't negatively impact their health - while keeping both parties feeling as positive about the interaction as possible. This has given me a clear view of the most common challenges people face, and the solutions that tend to work best. And I'm going to be sharing these with you at this hour-long webinar.

Of course, conversations are contextual and every single one is unique. But the tips and suggestions I'll be sharing can be tailored and customised to many different situations. And there'll be a 20 minute Q&A section at the end to allow you to ask my advice around any specific challenges you're currently dealing with.

These are the five communication themes I'll be covering:

  • Communicating your situation to those you live with/are close to - in a way that goes well, and doesn't negatively impact your health/symptoms

  • How to talk to people who are 'helpfully' trying to tell you how to cure yourself (when you know it's wrong!)

  • Socialising with friends when you have fatigue

  • Navigating conversations at large events (weddings, parties etc)

  • How to talk to people who don't understand fatigue (or even believe in it)

The session will be recorded and sent to all participants afterwards - so don't worry if you don't have the energy to watch the entire hour, or even attend at all. You'll be able to watch it back at a time that suits, and in stages if best.

Please note, depending on the demand it might not be possible for me to answer everyone's questions in the time I've allowed - I want to keep the session to an hour to avoid overly tiring those who attend.  Apologies in advance if your question isn't covered - I hope that the content of my presentation and the questions I did answer will help you and your specific situation. 

Webinar price: £10
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