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ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Welcome

Fibromyalgia coach

You don't have to do this alone.

Living life with a diagnosis of fibromyalgia is tough. The chronic pain is of course the signature symptom, but many find themselves with other difficulties to tackle as a result, such as chronic fatigue. Combined, these symptoms affect every element of a person’s life.


As a Fibromyalgia Coach I can help you to find hope and freedom from this illness, and support you as we explore and learn together how you can get some semblance of a comfortable life back. I say ‘learn together’ because one person’s experience of what can help is often very different from another’s. I work with all of my clients as individuals and tailor specific session plans for each. 


At present, there’s little that the medical professions can do to support their patients who have fibromyalgia. And, disappointingly, research into possible cures is under-resourced and full recovery is elusive for many. But improvements are achievable - and finding a way to adjust your life in order to feel as though you’re still living, is within most people’s grasp.


As a Wellness Life Coach the way I help my clients who have fibromyalgia is two-fold:


  • I guide them through a back to basics approach to explore the fundamentals that are often the building blocks to improvements. Such as diet, lifestyle, fatigue management, mindset management and complementary therapies

  • Alongside this I also conduct a life impact review to identify the areas that have been affected most since fibromyalgia symptoms first started. We then work together to define and agree a coaching plan that will work through the practical and mental adjustments that can be made to get some semblance of their old life back.


All of this works alongside any professional medical advice they’re receiving from their health service. 


Life might have to change as a result of a diagnosis of fibromyalgia - but that’s doesn’t mean it has to pause completely. Whether that be your home life, work life or social life. I help my clients maintain hope as I coach them through the journey to create their best new life.


Fibromyalgia coaching isn’t always a quick fix, but my approach is to work with my clients for a few sessions and then give them space to incorporate what they’ve learned. We then pick up again when they’re ready to make further life adjustments and improvements. This avoids any sort of upfront plan prescribing dozens of sessions and means we can be agile in our approach. 


I’ve love to help you - you don’t have to do this alone. If you’d like to discuss further please call me on
07498 213591, email me at or click below to check my availability and schedule a call.


My Approach

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