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Client Testimonial

I started a coaching programme with Pamela in December 2019 and I can honestly say that reaching out to her has been one of the best things I’ve done in a long time.  


I struggled massively with my mindset and found it difficult to “see the wood for the trees” all to often.  I live a busy life and taking the time out to work with Pamela on some reflection techniques and then using tools to change how I think about things has been incredibly helpful. 


I have 2 ponies and I had lost all love for the sport that I’ve grown up loving, through some hard work and positive changes that I’ve been able to apply with Pamela’s help, I’ve completely shifted this negative train of thought and I’ve allowed my inner cheerleader to support me in finding joy in riding again and being able to really take pride in my hobby. 


I’ve also been able to get rid of some really negative things from my past which have truly been holding me back for almost 30 years – I cannot believe how much lighter my shoulders feel now that I’m not carrying that burden around with me! 


I would recommend Pamela to anyone who is looking for support in unlocking their potential and realigning their thought process to ensure they get the most from each situation that they are presented with in life.  I’ll continue to seek Pamela’s advice and support as I continue to grow and develop myself to be the best version of me that I can be.


Pamela took the time to really ensure that I understood the tools, how they worked and also how I could put them into practice on my own – I’ll be forever grateful.

Jen, Bristol

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