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Helpful webinar

How to start exercising when you've got fatigue

Wednesday 22nd November 2023 at 4pm UK*

This is the latest of my 'helpful webinars' - my mission to get helpful fatigue-related guidance to those who need it, in an accessible and affordable way. 


Why are you running this webinar?

We hear how helpful it is to exercise regularly for health and wellbeing. But when you have fatigue it can be difficult to know if this is going to help or hinder. And suspecting it could be the latter, then when *is* it the right time to start to feel confident about moving more...and gradually starting to exercise?

I've helped hundreds of people to navigate this element of their recovery journey and I'm using this experience to talk at this event about the most successful ways to plan for, and introduce, movement and exercise.

I'm running this event to get some helpful guidance out to those who are looking to start moving more. The group nature of the event means that I can only give general guidance and suggestions, but these are based on what I've seen helping many hundreds of people. It has to be your decision as to when it's the right time to put my advice into action.

Who is this session for?

Anyone who thinks they might be nearing a stage where exercise could well be possible again and are keen to ensure it goes well! Whether the goal be to walk, swim, cycle etc. 


Please note: This event isn't about how to re-condition and move from severe fatigue to achieving some level of activity. That requires careful 1:1 guidance via my coaching service. This event is for those who have a base level of activity but want to be smart about where to build from there.

My help is relevant to anyone tackling a fatigue recovery journey - whether that be due to ME/CFS, Long Covid etc, or perhaps post-operative recovery. Basically, anyone who has - or has had - an energy-related issue that's meant they have to be very careful about what they commit to doing each day.

What topics will you be covering?

  • How to spot when you're doing well enough to start thinking about exercising again

  • How to feel confident about starting to do more

  • The types of exercise that seem to go well at first

  • Guidance and tips about HOW to start incorporating exercising into your recovery plan

  • A Q&A to allow for more general discussion

The event will be recorded and shared with all participants afterwards. So please don't worry if you can't attend while it's happening - you'll be able to watch back at a time that's convenient for you.

I welcome attendees from the UK & Overseas. The advertised time is UK (GMT) please click here to convert to your local timezone:

Tickets are £10 - secure your place now.
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