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  • Does ME/CFS get worse over time?
    By focussing on a new health protocol, including strengthening your immune system and focussing on pacing your exercise and other physical activity, you should find that you are coping better and that your symptoms are not worsening. Without the right advice around coping, you could find your symptoms do get worse. My experience allows me to guide and support you as you learn the best treatment approach for you personally. Everyone is different and everyone has their own path back to improved health. I help them find their way.
  • How do you recover from Chronic Fatigue?
    Recovery from ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome can be a long journey lasting many years, some never quite manage a full recovery. But my experience is that you can absolutely help yourself to improve how you are living with this illness and move towards recovery. I help my patients by initially helping them to cope with their day to day symptoms and then helping them to create a life rescue plan. Consistency is key to any life rescue plan and I help my patients stick to their chosen path until results are known.
  • How long will it take to recover from CFS?
    It can take many years to recover from CFS. People don’t like to hear that, but I believe it’s important to be honest with all of my patients. Although a full recovery can take years, it’s absolutely possible to improve your health and reduce your symptoms during this time. My own recovery journey took seven years but after only one year I was back at work full time, and each month I experienced at least small improvements. I can help you to achieve the same.
  • Will I ever recover from CFS?
    Some people never manage a full ME/CFS recovery but my experience is that it’s absolutely possible to get to a stage where daily tasks are easily manageable again and some physical exercise is possible. Small improvements can be achieved day to day over a short time, and these daily improvements soon build to an improved sense of normal. I can help you to improve the way you are coping with your current symptoms and experience a better quality of life at home and at work, while we tackle the long road to your health recovery together.
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