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Your Tailored Pacing Programme

Price: £499 / $630

When you’re struggling to cope with extreme fatigue, the thought of getting to a stage where you’re coping even a little better can feel so elusive. 

The key to moving from feeling that your life has been robbed, to getting back on your feet and learning to cope, is a successful Pacing strategy. Pacing is simple in theory but can be challenging to get right. Everybody’s life is different, and so a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work.


This standalone package is for those of you who would like my professional help in getting this key aspect of coping right, drawing on the expertise I’ve gained from helping others like you get their lives back.

I can only accommodate running two of these workshop a month, and so you might have a short wait time if you'd like to book in. It is, however, usually much quicker than waiting for my 1:1 coaching, which often has a wait time of several months.  Please do bear in mind that this workshop product only covers pacing - if you'd like my help with the broader range of fatigue management approaches, my 1:1 coaching or group programmes are going to be more helpful.


Sessions are held either face to face or by Zoom, and include:

  • A two hour 1:2:1 deep-dive workshop to create your personalised pacing approach, incorporating the most valuable elements I've identified while coaching others to success

  • Four weeks of text-based/WhatsApp/voice support as you start to put your pacing approach into practice

  • One 30 minute quick-check-in session to use when you need some quick advice

  • A follow-up 60 minute review where we'll assess and adjust your approach to ensure you’re going forward in the best possible way

  • A 'My Life Rescue' journal and pen set for you to use to track your progress. 

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