Managing a successful return to work
after extended sick leave

If you’ve had to take time off from your job for months or even years, you're very possibly feeling nervous and unsure about how to even contemplate a return. How do you know if you’re ready? Are you well enough to return full-time or do you need to negotiate a phased approach? And what can you do to make sure the return itself goes as successfully as possible?


This webinar helps you answer those questions, and also gives you valuable advice about how to manage your first days and weeks back at work.

I’ve helped many people in your situation find the right way to tackle their return to work, guiding them as they gauged if they were ready - and then advising them as to the best way to start approaching things with their employer. I particularly enjoy helping my clients with this stage of their recovery journey, as it means things are going really well for them!

I’ve seen how successfully things go when certain elements are carefully thought through and put into place, and I share myTop Five pieces of advice with you in this webinar. During it, I cover:

  • How to know if/when you’re ready to start seriously considering a return to work

  • Questions to ask yourself if you think you need to consider a change of career

  • How to broach the topic of a phased return with your employer

  • My experience of how Occupational Health (or similar functions) can help or hinder - and how to make sure it’s the former!

  • Things to consider and address up-front to ensure your first couple of weeks go as well as they can.

I've previously run this as a live event, but have realised that people really need to be able to access it 'on demand' when they need it, rather than have to wait for my next live event. So I've now made a recording of the webinar available for you to purchase and watch immediately.

Although best known for the help I give to those experiencing extreme fatigue conditions such as ME/CFS, fibromyalgia and long covid, this session is relevant to anyone contemplating a return to work after an extended period of sick leave. Especially if you feel you'll need to negotiate a phased return. For example, after being diagnosed with an autoimmune condition, or perhaps having completed a successful programme of cancer treatment.

Please note, although I’m based in the UK, the guidance I’ll be giving is appropriate for anyone, including those overseas. I cover very practical things that apply to most, no matter what their specific role or location. 

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at: pamela@pamelarose.co.uk


Webinar price: £10