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Personalised health and wellbeing support for TV and film talent. Protect your cast member and your production.

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Tailored to you

I build a personalised package of care that enables your cast member to perform when you need them.

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Results for all

I've helped over 1000 people to manage their recovery. I'm experienced working in film and TV production and guarantee total discretion.

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An experienced guide

I will work with your cast member on-set and off-set, ensuring you can have confidence in meeting shooting schedules and deadlines.

Bespoke wellbeing support

Person Centred Care

The poor health of a cast member can affect the success of your production – but there is a solution. I provide wellbeing services to Film and TV production companies who want to support a cast member through a health-related challenge. I can offer:

short-term support to a cast member who's experiencing an acute health challenge (viral infection, post-operative recovery, or physical injury). Working alongside their primary medical provider I can support a positive recovery, minimising the impact on your shooting schedule and production

long-term support to talent diagnosed with a chronic health challenge (long covid, ME/CFS, fibromyalgia, diabetes, etc). I can provide expert advice on  adjustments they can make, ensuring they're ready to perform when you need them

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I get it. I understand exactly how you feel, because I’ve been there too. And I’ve come out of the other side. I was diagnosed with ME/CFS in 2010. No-one understood what I was going through or how to help me cope.

That’s why I set up Pamela Rose Coaching. I now lead clients, from the point of despair to getting back on their feet and learning how to cope with daily life again.


How I help

I offer a whole-person approach to wellbeing, providing a truly tailored plan to aid their recovery. This can include:


  • Personalised health and coaching advice

  • Guidance on catering and nutrition

  • 24/7 support during production


As well as physical support, I can help your cast member deal with emotional challenges, giving them the confidence needed to perform.


I support production companies in managing the challenges of shooting with a cast member experiencing a health issue, including:


  • Shaping and influencing plans at pre-production

  • Developing achieveable and realistic shooting schedules

  • Location-based research to ensure suitability


My help can safeguard your production, limiting disruption and preventing costly shooting delays.


How I work

Each individual experiences unique challenges, which is why everything is tailored around the individual.


This can include virtual help (via phone or video platforms such as Zoom and Facetime), in-person support, or a blend of both. During production, I can be present 24/7 on-set, including travelling to locations worldwide.


The privacy of my clients is my priority, and discretion is guaranteed. I can provide details of talent and productions I have worked with on request.

3 steps to protecting your production


Arrange a confidential chat to discuss healthcare challenges


I meet your cast member and identify a package of support


Review and agree to my proposal, and I can begin to help immediately

Please get in touch if you recognise that I'm the investment that can save your shoot.

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