Waiting List

Thanks for clicking to book an initial chat. I've currently got a short waiting list for my 121 coaching, so I've temporarily disabled my booking calendar.  However the good news is that I'm not the kind of coach who works with clients for months on end. I often give the help that's needed in only 3 or 4 sessions. So my waiting list does free up fairly quickly, and it's unlikely you'd have to wait longer than around 6-8 weeks. If you're keen to be added to the list, please read on to find out how to do this.

The really good news is that there's another way you can access my help in the meantime. There's so much you could be doing while you're waiting for my 121 help, and so I really encourage you to consider signing up for my 'Three Week Fatigue Rescue' Interactive Course. It's a great way to access the advice and guidance that I provide around topics such as how to crack pacing, the best ways to incorporate rest - and techniques to help you cope with the particularly difficult days when they occur. Attending the course will allow you to start benefiting from the help I can give sooner than later. And we can then bolt on one or two 121 sessions afterwards if you feel it would help. 

If you'd prefer to wait and discuss my 121 coaching service, please send an email to pamela@pamelarose.co.uk I'll add you to my waiting list and will be back in touch when it's timely for us to have an initial chat.

I've helped many people find a way to feel more hopeful about the future and experience the improvements they're looking for - and I'd love to help you too. So please do get in touch, whichever way you'd like my help. And in the meantime, please take care.