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Thanks for clicking to book in an initial chat. I'm afraid my 121 coaching service is currently at capacity and I've got a short waiting list. I limit the number of people I help at any one time to ensure I am accessible when they need me, which does mean I sometimes need to offer such a waiting list service.

The good news is that I'm not the kind of coach who works with clients for months on end. I often give the help that's needed in only 3 or 4 sessions. So my waiting list does free up fairly quickly, and it's unlikely you'd have to wait longer than around 6 weeks.

If you're keen to access my help earlier than that, please look at my Interactive Course. This is a great way to get the basic help I can share, and will allow you to start benefiting from my experience sooner than later. We can then bolt on one or two 121 sessions afterwards if you feel it would help.

If you'd prefer to wait and discuss my 121 coaching service, please send an email to pamela@pamelarose.co.uk 
I'll add you to my waiting list and will be back in touch when it's timely for us to have a chat.

Take care!

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