Waiting List

Thanks for clicking to book an initial chat. I've currently got a short waiting list for my 121 coaching, so I've temporarily disabled my booking calendar. 

However the good news is that you can access my in a different way in the meantime! Please consider purchasing my online course: "Fatigue Reset: How to crack pacing once and for all". This will be such a great focus of your time while you're waiting for my 121 help, and will mean by the time we do talk you'll hopefully already be in a better place and be ready for me to help you fine tune your approach and move you towards further improvements. This course is available to anyone who needs it - not just those who want to join my waiting list. Indeed, many who purchase it go on to realise that they no longer need my 121 help after following the help it provides.

If you'd like to be added to my waiting list, please send an email to pamela@pamelarose.co.uk and I will be back in touch when it's timely for us to have an initial chat.