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1:1 Fatigue Coaching

When I'm working with you on a 1:1 basis I effectively 'get into your life' with you. We work together closely so that I can identify, and guide you to, the best blend of approaches to help you achieve improvements. 

I can only work with a limited number of people at any given time, and so there's often a wait for my help. Click below for an idea of current wait times.

My job is to give you the help you need so that you don't need me anymore! And this takes an average of around five sessions (I can make it work with less, and if you can commit to more that can be helpful).

1 hour session: £120 / $150*

This includes email/text-based support between sessions.


Four Week Fatigue Rescue

My Four Week Fatigue Rescue programme is by far the quickest and most affordable way to access the full package of guidance I can give to those at the start of their journeys - or those who have never quite found a steady and stable place from which to build.


Click below to find out more and find out when the next intake starts.

Four week course: £240/$300*

Pacing Options

Fatigue Reset: Crack pacing once and for all! Online course.


Personalised pacing workshop + half hour check-in, hour's follow-up session + journal.

£499 / $630*

*approximate conversion - exact price in USD depends on current exchange rate. Concessions are available.

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