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Personal Life


Life has a way of throwing obstacles - and opportunities - at us and sometimes it's difficult to tell one from the other. I love helping my clients work through how to hurdle the things that are getting in their way in order to grab the positive future they want.

As a Personal Life Coach, I’m aware that people bring their whole selves to my sessions. Although they might contact me with a specific area that needs development or clarity, as a coach my skills allow me to identify if it’s necessary to consider wider elements of their life too. Perhaps their work life, relationships or even their current health.

Using Performance Coaching and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) skills, I can help you pinpoint exactly what you want to achieve, and guide and support you as you move towards your goal. As a coach I’m not here to tell you what to do, my skills allow me to listen to you and identify exactly the right approach to help you find the answer you need. Once you’ve identified that, our sessions guide and support you towards your goals. Helping you to achieve the change you’re seeking.

My coaching style is relaxed and friendly and no two session plans are the same. I tailor my approach to you and your specific situation. As a personal life coach, I know the importance of treating everyone as an individual.​

Utilise A Personal Life Coach

It's often the case that I hear from people who know that they need some type of change to their current way of life but have no idea what. My ‘Life MOT’s’ allow me to use my coaching skills to consider all areas of your life and identify where the improvement opportunities are. I’ve seen people achieve great results from this initial lack of clarity in their life, and it’s always a privilege to help these people build the confidence to achieve the change they’ve identified.

In order to achieve maximum success, I like to work with a client in bundles of three sessions. This allows us to break a larger change into small goals so that change can be experienced as soon as possible. 

I'd love to help you with some Personal Life Coaching - if you’d like to chat through further please either call or email, or click the button below, to schedule a free initial chat.

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