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Case Study: Lucy


When Lucy first called me for an initial chat, she was feeling very overwhelmed and anxious about her journey to date with ME/CFS. She'd already tried several other programmes, with little success, and had started to give up hope of ever feeling better than she was. I'm very clear with all of my clients that I don't offer magical cures - I even explain that I can't promise them full recovery (and suggest they look suspiciously at anyone willing to take their money and promise them just that!).  

What I do assure them is that I can absolutely help them to find a way to cope better, and to start feeling that life is more enjoyable and hopeful again. And, from my experience of helping many people achieve this, it's very often the case that once they find that initial improvement, it leads to further advances until we achieve considerable progress together.

In only six sessions, spanning around 10 weeks, I helped Lucy achieve the improvements she was so desperately seeking. We covered a blend of practical discussions to help her crack pacing and conserve her energy, while also tackling some of the negative emotional states that she had understandably developed. This helped her to create more constructive ways of dealing with her condition, both mentally and physically.

I get such joy from seeing people rescuing their lives with my help, and it's always wonderful when they send me feedback to testify to this. Lucy has kindly let me share her testimonial with you all, to give you the reassurance you may be seeking that I'm someone who can help. Lucy has currently paused her sessions with me in order to bed in the improvements she's achieved, and will pick up with me to begin my 'Life Re-Start' framework when she feels ready.

"I was in a very dark place when I contacted Pamela. I had been wrestling with ME for nearly 4 years, and had lost all hope. Having spent thousands of pounds on treatments that just didn’t deliver  (not to mention immense amounts of precious energy), I had hit a brick wall.

What really appealed to me about Pamela is that she doesn’t offer a magic cure. Her honest ethos of offering to help you live a better life with fatigue really gave me hope. Here was someone who had recovered from ME, yet wasn’t claiming that she could cure me. I desperately needed some clear guidance from someone who truly understood life with ME.

From the minute we spoke I felt that we really clicked. Pamela is so bright, interested and genuinely cares. She also has a great sense of humour - something that we often lose during our daily struggle with symptoms.

Pamela taught me new ways of approaching symptoms, and a new mindset, both of which were a real breakthrough. After years of trying, things were finally changing - to the point where I felt a shift in my entire body! This was a mixture of scary and exciting; Pamela was right there beside me to help me navigate these changes.

Within weeks the “wired” feeling had lifted, and I began to experience a kind of “calm exhaustion”. Although I still had symptoms, they were much milder and short-lived. I truly believe working with Pamela triggered my body into the “restore and recuperate” stage which I had been desperately searching for.

I now feel my energy is slowly but surely increasing, and the quality of my sleep has improved immensely. This is the outcome I had secretly wished for when I first contacted Pamela, but didn’t dare dream would come true!

I am really looking forward to rebuilding my life with Pamela’s kindness and support. I can’t recommend her highly enough - no trickery, no magical claims - Pamela will give you the stable support you need from an authentic place; her own inspirational recovery.

Lucy, Norwich, UK"


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