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Four Week Fatigue Rescue
Interactive course

My Four Week Fatigue Rescue interactive course provides you with all of the help and support that I provide via my 121 sessions, but in a more accessible way. This is perfect for you if you’re keen to find a way to cope better with your fatigue, but can’t commit to my personal coaching sessions.

The interactive course I've designed is the perfect compromise between distance learning and 121 sessions. It allows you to interact as much as you feel comfortable doing - it’s fine if you’d rather keep your participation low key and just work your way through the recordings and other materials. But you'll know that you have the option of interacting with me at the live weekly events if that becomes helpful. This structure means the course is perfect for those in non-UK time zones, as all events are recorded so you can watch at a time that works for you.

This course does focus on the 'important basics' and is therefore most suitable for those who are either early in their fatigue recovery journeys, or want reassurance that they're covering these vital areas thoroughly.

The group aspect to the course can provide a supportive and engaging environment if participants choose to use it that way, but this is not a compulsory element of the programme and it's fine to interact remotely if that's your preference.

I'm delighted to announce that the programme now includes the following additional benefits:


  • a fourth 'support week' to allow you to access my ongoing support while you review the guidance I've provided, and build your personal fatigue rescue plan

  • a month's membership of my Fatigue Rescue Encouragement Group - a private support group only available to those who have worked with me 1:1 or this group programme

  • vouchers to choose from 2 of my on-demand webinars at no extra cost (if you've already purchased them all, you can switch this to another month's support group membership)

This Course is for:


Anyone with a diagnosis of Post Viral Fatigue (PVF) or Long Covid

Those recently diagnosed with ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) and keen to know how best to help themselves

Anyone who's experiencing post-treatment/operative fatigue following a successful medical intervention; or experiencing fatigue for other health reasons (rheumatoid arthritis, hormone imbalances, fibromyalgia etc)

Those who want to reassure themselves they're getting the important basics spot on, before turning their thoughts to boosting their rescue journey with additional approaches

Anyone who feels lost, confused and bewildered about how to start to get some control over their fatigue symptoms, and feel hopeful about the future again.

New intake now on sale! Starting 27th June 2024

What people say...

Katherine, UK

Pamela is approachable, kind and reassuring and very clear in the advice she gives you

Stacy, USA

Thanks to Pamela's guidance and techniques, I just celebrated four weeks of crash-free life for the first time since I got sick!

Emily, UK

 I was personally experiencing a setback and feeling stuck in my recovery which has been really tough, but Pamela has restored some much needed hope for moving forward.

How it works...

Here’s how it works:


  • Participant numbers are kept to a maximum of 20 per course intake

  • There are three, weekly, hour-long webinars (via Zoom) focussing on a different part of my Life Rescue framework each time

  • You can join and interact with the webinars live if you like, or watch the recording I upload afterwards if you prefer the distance-learning option

  • Information/work sheets are provided after each webinar to help you tailor the information you've heard to your own rescue plans

  • You will be invited to join a private Facebook group, which is where I'll add new course information every week as well as sharing the recorded webinars (I appreciate not everyone is a fan of Facebook, but I haven't yet found another platform that offers such a convenient way to run everything)

  • A ‘sub focus’ is discussed in the Group each week, in addition to the main webinar topics

  • Once a week I also host a live Q&A (via Zoom) to answer any questions in a discussion-based way. Again, this is recorded for those who prefer to follow a more distance-learning approach

  • There are no webinars or Q&As in Week 3 to give you time back to put my pacing method into practice. But I'm fully available to answer questions and provide guidance during this time if needed.

Click here to view further detail of the topics we'll cover and the webinar dates for this next intake.

A glowing testimonial

The fatigue rescue course has been a real boost to my wellbeing journey. Before it, I THOUGHT I knew how to pace and rest, but was interested to know what more I could be doing. What is great is that Pamela has walked this path herself, so she is able to truly empathise with the feelings and frustration that come with long term illness and fatigue. The group was friendly, supportive and relaxed. No pressure to speak up in zooms, or even attend, all the calls were recorded. Pamela was excellent at answering questions and offering extra tips along the way. The information has been really helpful, I am now pacing properly and feeling the benefit of it. It was great value for money, Pamela could charge at least double this for the amount of information and support she gives. Highly recommended.

JS, Fife

Screenshot 2022-03-21 at 19.27.41.png

Click the thumbnail image to learn how this Three Week Programme played a key role in helping Matt manage his fatigue recovery.

Still undecided?

I understand that it's daunting to know who to trust with your hope and resources - so here are a few more pieces of feedback from people who have attended my programme over the years.

"Just wanted to say thank you! I found your fatigue rescue course very helpful with lots of very useful and practical support.


Although I had already taken my activity levels down to the basics and was already pacing, I found a lot of the other information useful, especially the guide to resting( as I go for a lie down every afternoon for rest and relaxation for about 45 mins/ 1 hour and felt a bit guilty about i!) I also thought the ‘ Harnessing Neuroplasticity’ was very good.", Helen

"Just a few lines to say a heartfelt ‘thank you’ for the inspiring and most helpful Fatigue Rescue sessions. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I signed up but have gained a lot of insight into the condition and have been provided with a wealth of tools and ideas to help the recovery process." Peter
"One thing that stood out for me in the program was that, despite everyone in the group being at different stages of recovery, you were always taking all levels of fatigue into consideration both in your materials and during our chats, so that nobody felt left out. I tend to get very discouraged when I see that other people are further ahead in their recovery journey, so this was an important factor for me and it made me feel reassured that we are all on our way to recovery, no matter how strong our symptoms might still be." Penelope
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