Helping you move from a life that feels stuck, to one that’s full of hope. 

You deserve to feel hopeful about the future - let me help you achieve that. Together we’ll deliver fast improvements by switching how you feel about life today, while identifying
practical actions to move you towards the future you want.


Client feedback

MA, London

When I first met Pamela, I was in a really dark place, my whole life had been flipped upside down and I felt like there was no way out of this new situation of CFS, but I can honestly say Pamela is amazing - so amazing that I can’t even find enough words to do her and the support she offers justice. 

Sue, Bristol

I was feeling a bit overwhelmed with how busy my life can be and wanted to see if Pamela could help me with this. She talked though my issues in a non judgemental way offering questions to make me assess and rethink my approach to some areas I was was struggling with. I felt very supported while making my own decisions with Pamela giving me a different perspective and way of looking at things. I liked the techniques she used, such as the visual timeline. It helped me to prioritise and gain a real insight into why I was feeling a certain way.

Claire, Dorset

Being supported by someone who has lived through and recovered from CFS has given me so much hope, when I had all but given up. 

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