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How my ME/Chronic Fatigue recovery journey benefits yours.

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Ok, so I’m biased - I’m a Fatigue Coach and I’m also someone who has recovered from ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). But why does this make me particularly helpful to you? Let me give you three good reasons!

Reason 1 - you don’t have to waste valuable session time (or energy) describing your symptoms to me

Extreme fatigue presents itself in a variety of ways and many of the physical symptoms you’re probably experiencing are very difficult to put into words. They’re not always tangible things to describe - trying to explain to someone what brain fog is like, or get them to understand how that yucky horrible malaise feeling feels, is difficult at best. Impossible almost.

But I know exactly how these things feel, because I experienced them, to a lesser or greater extent, for seven years. And even though I consider myself to have been fully recovered for three years, I remember it vividly. So, we can skip you having to waste time trying to explain these symptoms and get straight into constructive discussions that will start to help.

Reason 2 - you don’t need to worry about remembering all of the key points we discuss at our sessions

I remember how drained I would feel after any sort of therapeutic session during my own journey, particularly any talking therapies. So, if we’ve had a particularly insightful or busy session, I’ll always follow it up with a short email to remind you of the key things we discussed, and anything you agreed to focus on between sessions.

I’m also very happy for you to take your own notes during our sessions - I’m aware not all therapists like that approach. But if it helps you make sure you’re not forgetting something important, then go for it!

Reason 3 - you don’t have to predict the future

My life was frustratingly inconsistent when I was in the grip of ME/CFS. I couldn’t predict from one day to the next whether I was going to have a good day or a bad one. Which made making any sort of firm plans very difficult sometimes.

So, for clients who sign up for a bundle of sessions in advance, I offer you two opportunities to reschedule at short notice, without suffering any sort of penalty. This means that you can confidently make an appointment for next Thursday, in the knowledge that if you find yourself struggling that day I’ll absolutely understand if you need to move. Even if it’s only half an hour beforehand.

Choosing the right person to help you get your life back is a big decision to make, I get that, and I want you to feel as comfortable as you can that you’ve made the right choice. So if you have any questions at all about how I work, and whether I can help you - please get in touch (

Take care,


Pamela Rose Coaching - helping you cope with chronic fatigue to regain a life worth living again.

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