Webinar: How to embrace Pacing & Movement to help you manage your fatigue

Event now on sale: Tuesday 23rd March at 6.00pm - click here to buy a ticket

Building on the success of my How to Boost Your Recovery from Post-Viral Fatigue sessions, this latest event will help your fatigue management plan by focussing on two important topics: Pacing and Movement.


Pacing is such an important part of finding a way to cope with your fatigue symptoms, yet there’s very little online about how to do it. This is primarily because it’s important to tailor your approach to your own lifestyle, and so one size fits all approaches don’t work. There are, however, some basic principles that can help anyone who wants to tackle or improve their pacing approach, and that’s what I’ll be sharing here. Along with advice about how to rest, different types of rest - and when to do it!


I’m thrilled that this event will be co-hosted by Amy Davies, who is a Yoga & Somatic Movement Teacher & Mindfulness Meditation Facilitator. Like me, Amy has had direct personal experience with a fatigue-related condition and this led to her re-training to help others. Amy will be sharing safe ways to incorporate movement into your recovery plans and discussing the role and timing of exercise in those plans.


Tickets are £10, and numbers are restricted to 15 to avoid it becoming too busy, and therefore draining, for those attending. Our content will take around 50 minutes to deliver, and then both Amy and myself will be online for a while longer to answer any questions.


Although slides will be presented, our content works on ‘listen only’, so it’s fine to switch your camera off and close your eyes while you hear our advice.


Your £10 ticket price can be redeemed against 121 help from Pamela or Amy should you wish to consider that going forwards.


Click here to buy a ticket.



Find out more about Pamela Rose’s fatigue coaching here: www.pamelarose.co.uk


Find out more about Amy Davies’ services here: www.amydaviesyoga.co.uk

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