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Webinar: How to embrace Pacing & Movement to help you manage your fatigue

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Event now on sale: Thursday 17th June at 6.00pm - click here to buy a ticket

This enjoyable and interesting event will help you further hone your fatigue management plan by focussing on two important topics: Pacing and Movement.  This is the fourth time we've run this event, and previous sessions have been very well received.

Pacing is such an important part of figuring how to better cope with your fatigue symptoms, yet there’s very little online about how to do it. I'll help you figure out some of the basics, by providing my top tips for getting started with pacing, as well as sharing advice about how to rest, different types of rest - and when to do it!

I’m thrilled that this event will be co-hosted by Amy Davies, who is a Yoga & Somatic Movement Teacher & Mindfulness Meditation Facilitator. Like me, Amy has had direct personal experience with a fatigue-related condition and this led to her re-training to help others. Amy will be sharing safe ways to incorporate movement into your recovery plans and discussing the role and timing of exercise in those plans.

Tickets are £10 and the main session will be recorded and shared with all participants afterwards. So don't worry if you can't commit to attending this event as it happens - you'll be able to watch it back at a time that works best for you. The only portion that won't be recorded and shared, is the short Q&A at the end. This is to protect the privacy of those attending, and allow them to feel reassured about participating in that open discussion.

Although slides will be presented, we've designed our content so that it works well on ‘listen only’. So it’s fine to switch your camera off and close your eyes while you listen to our advice.

Find out more about Pamela Rose’s fatigue coaching here:

Find out more about Amy Davies’ services here:

Click here to buy a ticket for this event.

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