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For attendees of the 'Festive Fatigue Rescue' webinar held on Monday 20th December 2021.

See below for the recording of my presentation providing helpful tips and guidance around 5 topics. This lasts around 40 minutes. Apologies that you don't see me full-screen when the slides aren't on display - Zoom doesn't seem to like recording in that format.

Below the video capture, is a downloadable PDF containing the slides I used.

Finally, a text-based capture of the question and answers discussed will be added by tomorrow latest, I'll contact you all again when it's available.

Click the icon below to view and download a PDF version of the slides I presented during the top tips presentation.

Click the icon below to open and download a PDF containing a summary of the questions and answers/discussions that took place after the main session delivery (this wasn't recorded, in order to protect the privacy of those who asked questions).

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