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Three Week Fatigue Rescue

My interactive group programme - crack the fundamental basics and start to feel
that life is getting easier again.
Lukes inspirational recovery story - YouTube interview with Raelan Agle 

His ultra marathon fundraising page:
Manchester Evening News

Read about my own fatigue recovery story, in this newspaper feature from Dec '21.

Fatigue Reset: How to crack pacing once and for all
I'm proud to be included in Raelan Agle's top recommendations as she summarises
the advice she can share as a result of interviewing 75 fatigue success stories.

Click to hear what she has to say about the help I can give, as well as other helpful recommendations.

NEW Blog: The mindset that will help you embrace pacing
How to achieve a successful return to work - NEW on-demand webinar
Nalini's pacing success story
PDF download: How to cope with boredom when you have fatigue
Listen to my interview on BBC Radio Bristol, 
giving Pacing tips to those struggling with Long Covid.
My recovery story - featured on Heal With Liz's site