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Thanks for visiting! Here are quick links relevant to my recent Instagram posts:

YOUTUBE: My latest interview with Raelan Agle: "Stop Wasting Money on Treatments Before Getting the Basics Right!"
Four Week Fatigue Rescue!

A full package of fatigue help covering all of the fundamental basics - helping you figure out the right blend of approaches for you, and start to build your Fatigue Rescue plan.
PODCAST: Hear my interview with Jackie from the LongCovid Podcast

We talk about the challenge of Difficult Conversations when you’re tackling a chronic fatigue related illness. I hope you find it helpful. (This link is to Spotify but it’s available on all the usual podcast apps - just search for Pamela Rose!)
NEW BLOG: Don’t try to cheat sheet your pacing approach!
My courses and on-demand webinars

I’m afraid my waiting list is currently completely at capacity and so I’ve closed it to new names. I’m so sorry, I wish I had better news! The best way to benefit from my help quickly, and have the chance to ask me for personalised advice, is to sign up for my 4 Week Fatigue Rescue programme. Click here to sign up - if you still need my 1:1 time after that, we can discuss that further down the line.
Currently full

Fatigue Reset: How to crack pacing once and for all.
ME/CFS Programmes Guide

I'm proud to be included in this fantastic resource - a capture of some of the best, and most successful, fatigue help programmes available right now. It's not free (they charge $19) but it could save you from spending money on approaches that aren't quite what you'd expected. In which case it pays for itself. Click to read more and purchase (Important note: I'm not getting any commission for this recommendation!). 
Healf.Com website link

I recommend Healf.Com to my UK-based clients as being a safe, fast and reliable place to order health-related technology and products. Please do your own research before making a purchase decision, but once you're ready to order something they are a very trustworthy site to use! You get 10% off for using this link or adding 'PAMELA92186' at checkout.

(please note I also get a % credit when you place an order - I save these up to allow me to purchase new products to try, to allow me to decide how and when to recommend)

Lukes inspirational recovery story - YouTube interview with Raelan Agle 

His ultra marathon fundraising page:
PDF download: How to cope with boredom when you have fatigue
Listen to my interview on BBC Radio Bristol, 
giving Pacing tips to those struggling with Long Covid.
My recovery story - featured on Heal With Liz's site
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