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Sonic Tonic: Fatigue-focussed sound therapy session with Bards of Avalon

2 September, 7pm UK-time - only £7.50 for this blissful experience.
My latest YouTube Interview with Raelan Agle featuring Luke's inspirational story
NEW Blog: The mindset that will help you embrace pacing
How to achieve a successful return to work - NEW on-demand webinar
Fatigue Reset: How to crack pacing once and for all
Three Week Fatigue Rescue - next Group Coaching intake available
Amara's interview about how my Three Week Fatigue Rescue programme
helped her find the right mindset and skills to better manage her fatigue.
Nalini's pacing success story
PDF download: How to cope with boredom when you have fatigue
Listen to my interview on BBC Radio Bristol, 
giving Pacing tips to those struggling with Long Covid.
My recovery story - featured on Heal With Liz's site