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Thanks for visiting! Here are quick links relevant to my recent Instagram posts:

Festive Fatigue Rescue!

A Four week support package of blended help starting 6th December.
Webinar: How to cope better with fatigue

My waiting list is currently open, click to add your name and I’ll be in touch!

Fatigue Reset: How to crack pacing once and for all - still only £49!
BLOG: The mindset that will help you embrace pacing.
ME/CFS Programmes Guide

I'm proud to be included in this fantastic resource - a capture of some of the best, and most successful, fatigue help programmes available right now. It's not free (they charge $19) but it could save you from spending money on approaches that aren't quite what you'd expected. In which case it pays for itself. Click to read more and purchase (Important note: I'm not getting any commission for this recommendation!). 
BLOG: Why you should stop outsourcing your fatigue recovery to others

Having a good team around you is important - but YOU need to be at the centre of your own plan.
TWO NEW BLOGS: Vacationing with fatigue!

1. Successfully vacationing when you have fatigue
2. Maintaining your vacation-related improvements once you're home
NEW YouTube interview - all about pacing

I talk to Naima Ella to share my guidance and suggestions about how to master this vital part of your fatigue rescue plan.
Nalini's pacing success story
Lukes inspirational recovery story - YouTube interview with Raelan Agle 

His ultra marathon fundraising page:
PDF download: How to cope with boredom when you have fatigue
Listen to my interview on BBC Radio Bristol, 
giving Pacing tips to those struggling with Long Covid.
My recovery story - featured on Heal With Liz's site
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