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Add yourself to my waiting list

Please use the form below to add yourself to my waiting list for 1:1 coaching. I'll then be in touch when it's timely to book in for a quick initial chat so that you can feel sure that you'd like to go forward with my help.

1:1 coaching is my premium service, and sessions are £120 ($150) for an hour-long appointment. On average, it takes around 5 sessions to help someone find a steadier and more hopeful place, and to help them build a plan for a successful fatigue rescue.  Some need more, some can only commit to two or three sessions. We work with what's best for you!

Adding yourself to my waiting list doesn't oblige you to commit to coaching once my time permits - but its really helpful if you only add yourself if you're genuinely interested in this type of help from me. My courses and programmes offer faster and cheaper ways to access my help - you can check them out here.

You'll hear from me by email, but it's helpful to have your mobile number too as that's how my system will verify you when we get started.

Thanks for submitting, I'll be in touch when it's time to talk about booking you in.
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