Three Week Fatigue Rescue

Interactive course

My Three Week Fatigue Rescue interactive course provides you with all of the help and support that I provide via my 121 sessions, but in a more accessible way. This is perfect for you if you’re keen to find a way to cope better with your fatigue, but can’t commit to my personal coaching sessions.


The course introduces the key elements of my Life Rescue Programme, in only three weeks. In less than a month you’ll feel that you’re well on your way to coping more consistently, and predictably, with your fatigue symptoms. Leading to you starting to feel much more hopeful about the future.

The interactive course I've designed is the perfect compromise between distance learning and 121 sessions. It allows you to interact as much as you feel comfortable doing - it’s fine if you’d rather keep your participation low key and just work your way through the recordings and other materials. But you'll know that you have the option of interacting with me at the live weekly events if that becomes helpful. This structure means the course is perfect for those in non-UK time zones, as all events are recorded so you can watch at a time that works for you.

This Course is for:

Anyone with a diagnosis of Post Viral Fatigue (PVF) or Long Covid


Those recently diagnosed with ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) and keen to know how best to help themselves


Individuals who have had extreme fatigue for a considerable time, but never quite found a way to consistently cope

How it works...

Here’s how it works:


  • Participant numbers are kept to a maximum of 15 per course intake

  • There are three, weekly, hour-long webinars (via Zoom) focussing on a different part of my Life Rescue framework each time

  • You can join and interact with the webinars live if you like, or watch the recording I upload afterwards if you prefer the distance-learning option

  • Information/work sheets are provided after each webinar to help you tailor the information you've heard to your own rescue plans

  • You will be invited to join a private Facebook group, which is where I'll add new course information every week as well as sharing the recorded webinars (I appreciate not everyone is a fan of Facebook, but I haven't yet found another platform that offers such a convenient way to run everything)

  • A ‘sub focus’ is discussed in the Group each week, in addition to the main webinar topics

  • Once a week I also host a live Q&A (via Zoom) to answer any questions in a discussion-based way. Again, this is recorded for those who prefer to follow a more distance-learning approach

  • The Facebook group then remains open for a further week, after which further support is available from me via my standard 121 coaching service, available to you at a discounted rate.

    For details of themes covered each week, and all webinar dates and times click here.

Feedback from a previous attendee:

The 3 week fatigue rescue course has been a real boost to my wellbeing journey. Before it, I THOUGHT I knew how to pace and rest, but was interested to know what more I could be doing. What is great is that Pamela has walked this path herself, so she is able to truly empathise with the feelings and frustration that come with long term illness and fatigue. The group was friendly, supportive and relaxed. No pressure to speak up in zooms, or even attend, all the calls were recorded. Pamela was excellent at answering questions and offering extra tips along the way. The information has been really helpful, I am now pacing properly and feeling the benefit of it. It was great value for money, Pamela could charge at least double this for the amount of information and support she gives. Highly recommended.

JS, Fife

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