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Group Programme

Festive Fatigue Rescue

Wednesday 6th December 2023 - Tuesday 2nd January 2024

Event description

Whether you celebrate the festive season or not, it's a unique time of year that brings additional challenges for those trying to manage their fatigue symptoms. People are around who aren't usually around (or aren't around when they usually are!), there are more social occasions to navigate or decline, and our usual routines and eating patterns are often disrupted. All of this can lead to challenges - physically and mentally. But there are lots of things you can do to ensure it goes as well as it possibly can!

As an experienced Fatigue Coach I've helped many people navigate this time of year, and have used this experience to create this package of advice and support to help you through this uniquely demanding seasonal period.

Limited to only eight places, over 4 weeks you'll get lots of help and support from me, including:

  • An hour-long live Festive Rescue webinar - a group-based event for us to get together, where I'll share my top 5 tips to help you plan for a successful festive period

  • Access to my 'Fatigue Reset' online pacing course, so that you can learn the successful pacing method that's helped over a thousand people better manage their energy levels

  • A 30 minute 1:1 coaching call with me (via Zoom)

  • Membership of a private Facebook group with daily posts to keep you motivated and provide further help

  • Text-based support from me between 24th and 30th December (WhatsApp or text message) to help you figure out how to manage any in-the-moment festive fatigue challenges!  

Further information:

✨ The Group Webinar will take place at 3pm on Wednesday 6th December, which is also the formal start to our 4 weeks together.

 The webinar will include a 30 minute presentation from me, providing guidance around the following topics (recorded and shared with all participants afterwards):

  1. Practical pacing tips to help you balance your energy levels as well as you possibly can

  2. The helpful mindset you can adopt to make things feel less pressured

  3. How to tackle the dietary challenges that arise at this time of year!

  4. Some important guidance around resting properly

  5. How to communicate with those who don't understand what you're going through.

Followed by a 30 minute Q&A discussion - your chance to ask questions about anything I've covered, or ask for my view on any specific situations that you're keen to manage as well as you can.  

✨ If you've already purchased my Fatigue Reset course, you can choose from either extending your 1:1 by 20 minutes, or get access to my suite of on-demand webinars ('Managing a successful return to work', 'Communicating with others when you've got fatigue', 'When a loved one has fatigue').


✨ I'll be in touch to schedule our 1:1 coaching call shortly after receiving notification that you've purchased a ticket for this programme. Calls can be scheduled for a mutually convenient time anytime between 7th and 22nd December.

✨ Text-based support is subject to a fair use policy between the hours of 9am and 7pm between 24th and 30th December (yes, including Christmas Day!)! I'll be there if you need me, and more than happy to provide written or voice-recorded replies to help you navigate through urgent festive challenges. However, the Facebook group is there for more general questions and group-based support from your fellow programme participants.

Who's this event for?

This session is primarily for those who have some level of activity, but can find it easy to tip into a symptom flare pattern and are particularly wary of this happening over the holiday season. It's for those who know they'll need to do more than usual during this time, and would like additional advice to help them problem-solve their way through this demanding time, with the aim of coping as well as possible and keeping symptoms low level.

The guidance I'll be covering is very much around getting some helpful basics right - if you've already worked with me, or feel you're managing your fatigue pretty well, the tips I'll be sharing in the Group Webinar may not all be new information. However it would be a helpful reminder of the key things to focus on, and I'm sure you will find the ongoing support and access to specific help beneficial.


Final important point: Although I welcome anyone from outside of the UK to consider signing up for this event, please note that if you live in a timezone that's quite different to mine, you won't benefit from having access to me for the full 9am - 7pm period in your local time. Please get in touch if you'd like to discuss this and find out what impact this would have on your access to me.

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