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Three Week Rescue Success Story: Amara

If you've been tempted to sign up for my Three Week Fatigue Rescue programme, but haven’t been quite sure that I can live up to my own hype, then I hope this interview will provide you with the reassurance you need. Although I always talk with honesty when I promote the help I can give, I do understand that you’re having to take my word for it!


So I’m so thrilled that Amara, who I helped recently, has been happy to share how I helped her. You can read her story below, and at the bottom of the page are two links to some bigger interviews she gave to her local Canadian news channel. I hope you find her story inspirational, and if you’d like to benefit from the same help that I gave her, click here to find out more.


“Amara found a way to make life feel easier again with my pacing approach, you could do th
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Here’s Amara’s story:

“I got COVID in May 2020 and have been struggling with long haul symptoms ever since. When I first contacted Pamela, I was primarily struggling with fatigue and brain fog.

I was stuck in a boom and bust cycle and felt like I didn’t have a way out. No matter what I did, I didn’t feel like I could reliably manage my energy. It wasn’t clear what was helping or what was hurting.

There were a few things Pamela said in the first session that made me feel like she understood. I really appreciated her focus on acceptance. I remember writing “it’s not about liking this, it’s about understanding that it’s real and requires a different way of living. For now. I have to learn to deal with today before focusing on healing” in my notebook and thinking YES. THIS.

I first heard about Pamela in the Body Politic COVID-19 support group. She came highly recommended. People called her a life saver and said her approach to pacing was a game changer for learning to cope, and eventually recovering. I also heard that she was reassuring and positive, which sounded refreshing given the experiences I had had so far seeking care for long-COVID.

I started to benefit from the first webinar! Even before I started working through the exercises and putting things into practice, the Three Week Fatigue Rescue course was helpful. During that first week, I noticed that I was talking a lot about acceptance and tuning signals. My mindset started shifting in that first week, which made it possible for me to benefit from the more concrete tools and approaches that were introduced eventually.

I had read a lot about pacing and knew I should pace myself but Pamela helped me figure out how to pace myself. She also taught me about the importance of cognitive pacing/reducing my cognitive load which was key because as it turned out, cognitive tasks were tipping me over the edge. I’m still working on this - my work is very head-y and it’s so difficult to size cognitive tasks!

I really appreciated the combination of big picture framing and mindset work, along with concrete tools like the pacing schedule, approach, and general wellness tips. She gave me a menu of things that I could try, and reminded me to focus on a small number of them at a time so I wouldn’t get overwhelmed.

If someone was wondering whether to go to Pamela for help, I would tell them “Do it!” I knew I was struggling when I signed up for Pamela’s fatigue rescue and I wasn’t entirely sure what I needed - her course helped me slow down, tune into my body, and find an approach that worked for me. I still have blips but I’m now confident that as long as I stick to what works for me, life is more predictable, which is a huge relief after a year of being trapped in a boom and bust cycle.”



Click here to watch Amara’s interview on Canada’s CBC network


Click here to hear the longer version of her interview on CBC radio 

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