Helping people with severe fatigue move from their difficult existence a life that feels 

much easier and is full of hope

Tackling life with severe fatigue - whatever the cause - is tough. You're probably struggling to get the important tasks done every day, let alone anything fun. But it doesn't have to be like this.

I help people like you move from a difficult existence today, to a life that feels so much easier and full of hope. 

You don't have to cope alone feeling scared, frustrated and worried. I can help you identify the adjustments you can make to get to a place where you're coping better today, and feeling more positive about the future.

I've helped many people in your situation - let me use that knowledge and experience to turn you into my next success story.


When I first met Pamela, I was in a really dark place, my whole life had been flipped upside down and I felt like there was no way out of this new situation of CFS, but I can honestly say Pamela is amazing...She has literally saved me through this journey so far.

MA, London

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