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Why you should stop outsourcing your fatigue recovery to others

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

This is a quick post about a very important message that I’ve wanted to share for a while now:

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that you can outsource your fatigue recovery to others!

What do I mean by that? Well, it’s about recognising that YOU have the biggest part to play in your own fatigue rescue journey. And that although it might be appropriate at times to ‘outsource’ some of your recovery to things or people (i.e. choosing me as your Fatigue Coach!), you can’t expect these external things to do all of the work. You have to put in the bulk of the effort yourself.

Whether it be finding the right way to pace your daily activities, the best way to control those negative thoughts that you keep having, or incorporating a daily focus on calming and balancing activities such as meditation or Qi Gong. You need to play a big role in your own journey - don’t look to others to fix you. Yes you can look to others to teach you HOW to do these things. But the effort still sits with you to build these into solid consistent habits.

I’ve heard many such stories from those who come to me for help. Take Sally, for example, who before she found me had been spending a small fortune (and a lot of energy!) on various supplements, alternative therapists, and an array of tests from a variety of functional medics. This is all fine, as long as it’s only a part of your plan. But for Sally, she’d made the not so smart (in hindsight) decision to mentally delegate responsibility for her recovery to others. Her part in it all was to search online for stuff, and then enter her credit card number in the right fields…and wait for the miracle to occur! But there was a reason she came to me for help. She hadn’t been focussing on the basics, or on the ways that she needed to change her life. Nobody can do that for you, it has to be done from within.

To reiterate, I’m not saying that these external things or people won’t be of huge help to you. They will! (I’m super helpful!) But they should be complementary to the work you’re doing at the centre of your own recovery mission. Not the feature of it.

I encourage you to find a quiet moment to reflect on your journey to date. Where do you think the balance has been for you? And if you’ve been tipping too much into the ‘outsource’ column… take some time to think about how you can make that balance swinging the other way. What can you do to make yourself the future Hero of your recovery journey?

Bye for now,


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So true! Can be so easy to try to shop or spend problems away!

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