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Navigator Service

Continuing to help you succeed at life once your health challenge has been resolved.

My Navigator service is for those who realised how beneficial the 'talking therapy' aspect of my help has been, as I supported them through their fatigue rescue journey.

It's probably been very relevant for me to get to know a fair amount of detail about your life as I help you figure out how to crack pacing, and how to find it easier to stay in a calmer more balanced mindset.


Part of coping with fatigue is to figure out how to navigate life's obstacles while staying smart and calm! And the benefits of that don't stop just because you've now recovered from your health challenge. Maintaining your health will be a top priority, and a big part of that can be having someone to continue to help and guide you through life's obstacles (and opportunities!) when relevant.

Many people like the idea of continuing to talk to someone who can help them navigate these obstacles, and even avoid them happening in the first place. And I'm well placed to provide that ongoing help, as I've gotten to know you and the life you need to live pretty well. Whether that be your job, your family life, or just 'being you again'.

My experience also allows me to continue to help you move towards becoming as well as you can possibly be. Becoming healthier than you were before your health challenge hit! I can do this by providing guidance around a range of lifestyle factors including diet, nutrition, sleep management and exercise.

This is an invite-only service for those who I feel might benefit, and usually people I've worked with for a considerable time. There's no commitment on your side to have a certain frequency of sessions. But talking fairly regularly (once a month or so) allows me to stay suitably up to date with what's going on, and therefore allow me to help you quickly and efficiently when there's something particularly important going on. At which time we can dial up the frequency of our sessions for a short time, until things have settled again.

There's no obligation to sign up for this ongoing Navigation help. But if you are keen to continue with my help then it's useful to have that discussion now so that I can reflect it in my ongoing session capacity planning.

Let's have a chat if you think this sounds like something you'd like to do!

This service is charged at my standard coaching rate, either on a pay as you go basis - or with discounted prices when a bundle of sessions are purchased up front.

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