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Short-term daily mentoring

Two weeks of daily support to guide you as you figure out how to make each day go as well as it possibly can.

This is a very limited mentoring service that I provide for those who would like a little more hand holding as they're figuring out how to balance their energy levels every day. 

Pacing, or energy management, is about looking at the specific requirements of the day you've got ahead and figuring out how you can best approach it... While being mindful of your current energy limits and the things that can tip you into being symptomatic more than others.

It sounds simple in theory, but can feel a bit challenging to put into practice. And that's where my Mentoring service comes in.

For two weeks, we'll have a short daily call each morning - 30 minutes max. I'll help you reflect on how yesterday went, how you're feeling so far that day, and what you need to get done today. I'll assist you in spotting the learnings and opportunities, and show you how to use them to get into a much more confident place. By the end of the two weeks it'll feel much more intuitive, and you'll be able to carry on without my daily help.

This service is only available to those who are already working with me on a 1:1 basis. I can only mentor one person at a time, and it does depend on my availability. Some other points about this service:

  • Our daily chats are usually phone calls - although the occasional zoom can be set up if needed

  • Your usual 1:1 coaching sessions can continue during these two weeks - your decision!

  • Although these morning calls are primarily to discuss pacing/energy management, I'll also check how you're feeling, so that I can help you with any mindset-related challenges too

  • Weekends are included...pacing doesn't stop just because it's Saturday! Indeed, weekends can often be the more challenging to manage successfully

  • We agree a time that's convenient to both of us - usually early morning, 8.30 or 9am for example. My working day starts at 10am and so calls do need to have taken place by then if possible (on the occasional day it's fine to move them a bit later, depending on my availability)

  • As well as the daily calls, you are welcome to send messages or call me for quick advice during the two week period - for on-the-spot trouble-shooting!

If this sounds as though it would help you - or you have any further questions about my mentoring service -  please get in touch

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