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Helpful webinar

When a loved one has fatigue...

                  how to care for them & yourself

This is the latest in a series of 'helpful webinars' that I'm running on a series of topics. My aim with these sessions is to get help out to those who need it, in a very accessible and affordable way.

A fatigue-related condition doesn’t only impact the life of the person who's ill, it often changes things for you, their loved ones. 
Adjusting to this can be tough for you, and it can be difficult to know how to best help them. This webinar will increase your understanding of what life feels like for your loved one, and help you know how to support them on their recovery journey, while looking after yourself too.

Why can this on-demand webinar help me?

The person you love and care for is still there, they just can’t live the life they used to be able to live - not for now, anyway. It’s very possible for them to achieve improvements and even full recovery, but it takes time, patience and a lot of adjustment.

One of the most important things someone with extreme fatigue must do is reprioritise what they use their valuable energy on. They have to make sensible decisions around what they should do every single day, and that’s bound to impact you too. They might also experience emotional ups and downs that you’re not used to them displaying.

Adjusting to this can be tough for those of you who are supporting them, as can knowing how you can best help them. 

This webinar will help you process how this is affecting your life too, and give you guidance around how to best support your loved one on their recovery journey, while looking after yourself too.

Buy now - only £10
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