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Fatigue Rescue Encouragement Group

My approach to helping you manage your fatigue and move towards real improvements, is to give you the tools and techniques you need in order to continue your rescue journey without my continued help. 

This is a very workable approach, but many of my clients have indicated they’d like the opportunity to continue with some lower-level support from me as they prepare to ‘go it alone’.

My ‘Fatigue Rescue Encouragement Group’ offers you exactly that. It’s exclusively for those who have worked with me directly or as a participant of my interactive course, and it provides the ongoing gentle support, encouragement and guidance that you may be seeking. It also gives me a way to share new observations that I pick up as I continue to help more and more people, as well as providing new pieces of information that I gather as part of my ongoing studies and research.


For a small fee of £15 a month you’ll get:


  • Membership of an exclusive Facebook* group only available to previous Pamela Rose clients

  • An invitation to attend a monthly live Zoom Q&A session with me, or a special guest to ask questions or share how you’re getting on (e.g. Raelan Agle, nutrition specialists, sound therapists, hormonal experts)

  • Daily accountability prompts within the group, to encourage you to stay focussed on the things that are important for you each week, and reflect and spot your achievements

  • Regular access to my help and suggestions in response to questions you raise in the group

  • The ability to share and discuss progress, tips and advice with other group members

  • The knowledge that fellow group members have all been through my Life/Fatigue Rescue approach, and therefore speak a common language (“empty brain space” etc!)

  • A support space that encourages discussion to be positive, hopeful and determined - unlike many other support groups which can slide towards negativity and victim mentalities.


The group is hosted on Facebook and monthly Q&A events are via Zoom. 

You can be a member for as little as a month, or for as long as you find it helpful. Simply cancel your direct debit (or ask me to!) to stop your membership. You pay in advance, so you’d still have access for a month after your final payment.


If you’re interested in joining this support group please either click below to complete your set-up, or email any questions to:


Please be assured that this isn’t a mandatory part of the help I provide! It’s completely optional. And you can join at any time, it doesn’t have to be immediately after your sessions with me have finished.

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