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ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Welcome

Fibromyalgia/ME/Chronic fatigue

You don't have to do this alone.

I have gained a particular reputation for helping those who are living with a diagnosis of Fibro/ME/CFS. I can offer guidance from a very personal perspective, as I was diagnosed myself back in 2010 and have subsequently managed a very successful recovery.

Having regained my health, I studied to gain credible qualifications that now allow me to help others tackle their recovery. Prior to this I was in a senior management role within a financial services organisation, and so I know how difficult it can be to cope with Fibro/ME/CFS and a demanding job.

My support can include:

  • For the newly diagnosed, introducing and explaining the basic approaches to you that can be so helpful in these early stages

  • Coaching those of you who wish to pursue a recovery plan, as you assess and consider options and select a way forward. 

  • Preparing you for difficult yet vital conversations with family or colleagues, by agreeing key messages and crafting them into a carefully worded script to ensure your results are achieved.

All the while, I’ll be there to guide you and keep you motivated and consistent to the path you’ve chosen. I keep our sessions relaxed and informal, yet focussed. I’ve felt how it feels to be where you are and so we‘ll be able to talk in a meaningful way that resonates. This allows me to complement whatever professional medical help you’re also receiving.

I offer face to face sessions in Bristol, or by webcam if you live further afield or have difficulty travelling.

You don’t have to do this alone.

                               Click to view my availability and request a free introductory chat.


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