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Your personal fatigue management appraisal

Happy new year! I'm not a huge fan of New Year's resolutions as such - there's nothing magical about the 1st January when it comes to deciding to change or improve something about your life - you can, and should, decide to do that on any day of the year! 

January does, however, give us the perfect time to reflect on the previous twelve months and carry out an honest review of what went well, the progress we made - and, most importantly, what we're going to focus on this year in order to move us closer to the things we want to achieve. And what better focus to apply this on than your personal health and fatigue management goals?

We're used to receiving annual reviews and appraisals from others - at school we get report cards, and in later life perhaps we get annual appraisals and reviews from our senior colleagues. But many of us don't take the time to carry out a personal appraisal on ourselves. It's a great way to give yourself honest feedback and spot the things that have gone well...and those that perhaps didn't.

Please feel welcome to click the icon below and download a copy of my Fatigue Management Personal Appraisal sheet. Or why not create your own! Either way, the act of looking back over the last 12 months from a disassociated perspective and giving yourself an honest appraisal is a great idea. Be really honest about whether you're focussing on the important things - are you looking for quick fixes before you focus on the basics that will help you cope better today? Are you spending money on supplements that you suspect aren't helping? Have you been as disciplined as you should have been about how to pace your energy? How constructively have you managed those negative emotions that happen from time to time?

I'd love to help you conduct your personal appraisal if you'd like the benefit of my experienced view - click below to book an initial chat if you'd like to take me up on that.

I wish you an energetic and positive 2021!!

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