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Have you sussed your fatigue management blend?

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

In this article, I’d like to highlight the importance of figuring out your own personal blend of things to include in your fatigue rescue plan.

I’ve helped hundreds of people find ways to improve their fatigue symptoms, but I’ve yet to see two people with identical fatigue rescue plans. And that’s because your fatigue health challenge is so interwoven with who you are. Who you were before, who you are now, what lifestyle you live, your homelife, whether you’re working or not...there are many, many variables.

And this means that that you need to figure out the right blend of things for you. What are the approaches, techniques, treatments, thought processes that will get you back to where you want to be. Yes it’s great to be inspired by others’ stories, but what helped them might not help you.

A few years ago, when my thoughts were turning to using my own fatigue recovery to inspire a career change; I had some choices to make. Did I want to specialise in a certain method or approach in order to help people in a very defined way? For example, becoming a nutritionist, counsellor or perhaps even a reflexologist. There were many different ways I could have pursued my passion to want to help others.

To help me decide, I took time to reflect back on my own personal journey, and what I had needed most at that time. And I realised that what would have been most helpful was someone to provide support, while helping me pick through the bewildering range of things to try. I wasted a lot of time, money (and energy!) pursuing things in those early months and years, that I knew I’d jumped at because I’d heard they’d helped someone else. Not because I truly thought they’d help me. I’d have loved to have someone to hold my hand through the process of figuring out what *I* needed.

And so that's what I became! A Fatigue Coach. And here I am today, successfully helping people figure out the right blend of things to include in their fatigue rescue plans. And, of course, the right order to try them in.

But if you’re unable to access the sort of help I provide, I have a few tips for you in order to start to figure this out yourself:

  1. Gather information. Read articles, join support forums, watch inspirational interviews

  2. Then split things into at least two piles - 1) important basics, and 2) bigger healing activities

  3. Prioritise the important basics first! It’s easy to jump at the more exciting healing treatments out there, but you need to build a more stable daily experience first. Otherwise, your body isn’t ready to receive and act on these healing boosts nearly as well as it would like to

  4. But don’t start too many things at the same time, or you won’t be able to pick through and tell which are helping most

  5. Regularly review your current blend of approaches and refine/change things if you think it’s time to do so

  6. Continue to stay interested and aware of new treatments or protocols that are available. A fatigue rescue journey can last a while, and things might have changed since you last researched what was out there

  7. Recognise that no one thing, or any individual practitioner, will be able to give you everything you need. Your fatigue rescue will ideally involve a host of people and approaches. I might guide someone to build an initial plan, and perhaps help them to crack pacing; but they’ll then go and talk to someone else about the next thing on their plan. And that’s fine - we all have something different to share, even if it’s talking about similar topics but in a slightly different way. You should gather up these helpful insights and join them together in a way that helps you most.

And finally, two very important points:

  • Remember that everyone is different. Hearing that something achieved amazing improvements for one person, unfortunately doesn’t mean the same will happen for you. Give it a try if it feels right, but be curious about whether it’ll help you - rather than desperate that it will

  • Be aware that people tend to talk loudest about the last thing they did! They might have diligently followed a blend of approaches for months or years, but then added in one additional thing that really boosted them back to where they wanted to be. It’s very likely that it was the blend of ALL of these approaches that helped…but it’s tempting to hold that final one up as the miraculous game changer. Always take time to ask someone about all the things they tried, not just the last one!

There’s so much information out there, and it can feel bewildering to know where to start. If this is how you’re feeling I’d be happy to have a quick chat about how I can help you figure out the right blend for you, and get your fatigue rescue off to the best start.

Bye for now


(March ‘22)

If 1:1 coaching is out of your price reach, my Four Week Fatigue Rescue interactive course is a great way to find out about the important basics, and start to build your personalised fatigue rescue plan. Visit: to find out more.

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