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Intensive coaching service

Who is this for?

This is a tailored service for those who need my help to get them through a particularly critical period of time. For example, I’ve helped business leaders contribute to high profile multi-day conferences; and celebrities deliver challenging filming commitments.


Not only do I help them successfully deliver these commitments, this intensive help also navigates them to a better state of health overall.


I’m interested, how would this work?

We’d usually work together for a period of weeks or months beforehand, so that I can help you get into the best possible place by the time the specific activity starts. I’d then work with you intensively during the activity itself, providing timely guidance and coaching to ensure you’re managing the demands of each day as well as possible. This is done via phone calls, zoom or in person - or a blend of all three.


I also provide fatigue management consultancy to the teams and organisations responsible for planning and designing whatever it is you’re delivering, to ensure they incorporate helpful measures. This often requires me to challenge their plans in order to ensure they’re as achievable as possible for you!


OK, what next?

Due to the time involved, I can usually only take on one or two of these commitments a year. But I’m always more than happy to be contacted by anyone wishing to talk through how I might be able to help. So please get in touch! I’ll always do what I can to try and find a way to help.


Prices on application.

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