Three Week Fatigue Rescue - weekly themes and dates

Each week we'll focus on a primary theme in the live webinar, and a secondary theme will also be discussed in the Facebook group. Here's a quick overview of the themes for each week:

Week One


  • Primary Theme: The importance of managing any negative emotions, and how becoming more 'in tune' with your body will help your recovery

  • Secondary Theme: Nutrition

Outcome of week 1: You'll be in a more accepting state, understanding the amount of change that is required in order to find a way to cope better with your fatigue. You'll also be more knowledgeable about how your daily diet can boost your immune system and help you feel more energetic.



Week Two


  • Primary Theme: Pacing

  • Secondary Theme: How to incorporate movement and/or exercise into your recovery plan


Outcome of week 2: You'll have defined your initial pacing plan and will be ready to track and refine your approach to make sure it's the best one for you. You'll also understand how your pacing plan can scale and grow as your energy builds, and know how to gauge when it's safe to do more.


Week Three


  • Primary Theme: How to remain positive on the bad days and maintain your discipline on the good days.

  • Secondary theme: Sleep and rest

Outcome of week 3: You'll be armed with my key pieces of advice around how to stay consistent, positive and focussed on your life rescue plan going forward, and how to give your body and mind the stability they need to heal and restore.

April 26th intake - times of live webinars (now on sale)


Monday 26th April - 5.30pm GMT
Tuesday 4th May - 5.30pm GMT
Monday 10th May - 5.30pm GMT


Weekly live Q&As:

Thursday 29th April - 5.00pm GMT
Thursday 6th May - 5.30pm GMT
Thursday 13th May - 5.30pm GMT


April 6th intake - times of live webinars (Event now sold out)

Webinars: All from 5.30pm to 6.30pm GMT

Tuesday 6th April
Tuesday 13th April
Tuesday 20th April


Weekly live Q&As:All from 5.30pm - 6.00pm GMT

Thursday 8th April
Thursday 15th April
Thursday 22nd April

IMPORTANT NOTE: You don't have to be able to make all of these dates and times to get full value from the help I give in this course - all sessions are recorded so that you can watch at a later date when it works best for you.

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